Monday, November 10, 2014



I as a boy, absolutely love minecraft and many others do. Minecraft can be played in the PC, mac, Ipod, Iphone, Ipad (the one 1 have), Xbox 360, Xbox1, ps2, ps3, and ps vita. There is a high chance you have one of those. getting back to buisness, minecraft is a game when you are trying to survive in the wilderness, and of course, mining and crafting. There are 5 types of 5 materials of tools the materials are from worst to best: gold, wood, stone, iron,  and diamond. Diamond tools are fast and won't break quickly gold however, is reasonabley fast but breaks VERY quickly. Tools are :pickaxe (pick) axe, plow, sword, and shovel. The nights are dangerous, with zombies that punch you, skeletons that shoot you with a bow and arrow, creepers handless but explosive, giant spiders that jump on you, and finally, my favorite, but strongest, the enderman tall and slender teleporting around, without good gear, you're dead.
I'll let you figure out all of the other cool stuff on your own but if you only want to watch minecraft here's a youtuber called stampylongnose. Check him out in his loveley world!

Good luck!

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