Monday, November 10, 2014

Plants Versus Zombies 1 and 2

Plants VS Zombies

In this game your objective is to make sure your brains
are safe in your skull 'cause you will need them to plant some zombie killing plants.
Plants versus zombies, or PVZ for short is a game when you must gather sun and coins to use. In PVZ 1 coins are used at the shop for plant upgrades but in PVZ 2 you use powerups like lightning zap, power toss, and snowball throw.
Sun is used to plant plants. PVZ 1 and 2 are available on mobile divices(for free) and computer.
Here's a tip! plant sunflowers at the back most row to protect them to keep your source of sun stable.
Good luck!

Look at the left and pick plants that will be useful to fight the zombies.

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