Friday, September 21, 2012

City Siege

 City Siege

city siege is a game when you need to control a good man like rifle guy and 
everybody else. You need to purchase good guys, take them to battle
defeat baddies and save civilians and VIPs you don't lose the game if you kill/harm
them but if you kill them its a loss of funds.

How to play

Arrow keys or WASD keys to move. Hint:Try not to expose yourself to 
many enemy's sight they might kill you.
Good luck!

Tasty Planet


Tasty planet is a game when you need to keep eating other things,
but remember don't go too close to things that are bigger
than you because they might eat, you might notice that not all
bigger things eat you some make  you short ( like the cat or dog at he 3rd level )
good luck!


arrow keys to move Hint:eat things that are smaller than you
or your size. Good luck with the game!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Stick Wars

Stick wars is a game when you need  attack first
so that others can't conquer you.And you are the leader of the place 
called order and good luck with the game!

How To Play

You need to build an army to break the enemy statue
and protect yours.
You can boost your economy with
more miners as it says on the picture above 
tip:Use strategy,archers are strong againt
swords men and speartons . Speartons  and
swords men are good frontiers.