Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Survival lab

Survival lab

This game is a awesome game. It is simple; use arrow keys/wasd keys to move the tiny man
The 'tiny man'
what you must do is avoid the different obstacles of the game: [notice recorded only until lvl 12] 1shot guns, 2 shot guns, shotguns (3 bullets at 1 time), lasers, sticky grenades, heat seeking missiles, and discs. But be careful; multiple of these things may attack at 1 time. You will also have 'skill points' which allow you to upgrade your armour, speed, jumping, and evasion. Collecting coins help boost your score and health packs of course heal you.
Go try to beat me at my highscore lvl 17 over here!
Good luck!

Tip o' da day:
The missiles are easy if you jump over them with double or triple jump.

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