Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Head soccer

Head soccer

Head soccer is no not on the computer so, sorry it's not like other game reviews but it's free!
This game is kind of cool as it has absolutely TONS of enemies you can play against.
I myself don't know much about it because I am a beginner.
It looks like this so on the app store of the play store search head soccer and select this if you would like to download it.


  • Press the L button to move left and same for right.
  • Press either L of R twice fast to dash.
  • Press kick to kick and jump to jump.
 Here is a tip dash right at the ball if your enemy is playing defence (Staying at their goal) to create a REALLY fast ball flying at him!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Steam King

Steam King

Well, Steam King is a game in which you play as a king with a gun (Also with
a moustache and beard really big ones!) trying to defeat other warriors and knights
so you can collect cogs to upgrade you're weapon to shoot flaming gunshots,
stunning bullets, and even rockets!

How to play:

Arrow keys to move or WASD to move and either Z, X, or left-click to shoot
lastly, space to throw grenades.

(: Good luck if you're going to play it! :)

If you're interested please visit

P.S. to read my secret code (you don't need to search for it in older posts)
just drag over the bottom/top of the page like you're about to copy and paste.
Try it!
Tip:The rocket and stunning bullets both need time to charge so don't rely on them too much.